Can I select more than one word?

Yes you can. However, it might be possible that Contexto find words that you do not want to publish. For that reason, we recommend to select a word per click.

What is confidence?

The confidence is the level of what [TextRazor](https://www.textrazor.com/) thinks is correct as a valid entity. [TextRazor](https://www.textrazor.com/) uses an ever increasing number of signals to help spot valid entities, all of which contribute to this score. In the admin panel you can select the level of minimum confidence to [TextRazor](https://www.textrazor.com/) to find words. The score ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 representing the highest confidence that this is a valid entity.

Can I change the box colours?

Yes you can. Contexto has clear structure so you can modify easily the colours.